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GNU General Public Licence, version 3 SPINspiral is a Markov-chain Monte-Carlo code to perform parameter estimation on gravitational-wave signals from binary inspirals observed by LIGO and Virgo.

SPINspiral must be linked against LAL. The default installer uses CMake. The code has been used with gcc (4.5 or newer) and icc, and can be used under the conditions of version 3 or later of the GPL.

SPINspiral pages:

Gentoo Linux ebuilds and overlays

SPINspiral is part of the LALApps package and can be installed in Gentoo Linux as sci-libs/lalapps or sci-libs/lalsuite from the AstroFloyd overlay. Add the overlay to your system (after emerging app-portage/layman) with  layman -a AstroFloyd.  Sync all your overlays regularly with  layman -S.